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Toyota Tsusho Europe

Network in europe - Poland

Toyota Tsusho Europe S.A. is already 13 years on the polish market

Toyota Tsusho Europe S.A. (TTESA), is a part of Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC) founded in 1968. Our Head office is located in Brussels and our branches operate in Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey and Hungary.

Polish Branch of Toyota Tsusho Europe S.A. is operating form 2001 and hires 120 people in four location – Bielany Wrocławskie, Jelcz - Laskowice, Stargard Szczecinski and Wałbrzych.

Since half of century Toyota Tsusho Europe S.A. is building a global trading network being recognized as leader in automotive sector and developing its operational impact in non – automotive sectors . As for now Toyota Tsusho is involved in planning and supply of machines, equipment and spear parts as well as production components and resources. Moreover for its customers TTESA is engaged in purchase, logistic, project modernization and improvement and warehousing operations.

Management Systems in TTESA

Toyota Tsusho Europe S.A. including Poland branch is working according to Total Quality Management System (TQM), which in our case is built on the basis of Toyota Production System (TPS). TQM in TTESA unites our traditional values as Toyotsu Way with effective quality planning and control within the 8 steps of Toyotsu PDCA problem solving techniques. TTESA TQM system is holistically devoted to fulfil requirements of our customers, identification and realization of customer’s needs based on our knowledge and experience which we have built for all the years of our business activity. TTESA Poland TQM System is fully integrated with the requirements of ISO 9001 International Standard, what is represented by our Certificate of Compliance with ISO 9001 Standard which we maintain since the year 2008.

For the sake of our global natural environment, Toyota Tsusho Europe S.A. has implemented and is maintaining Environmental Management System compatible with ISO 14001 International Standard requirements. Our Poland branch, as well as European branches together as one Team is putting most of efforts not only to fulfil, but also to go beyond the requirements of ISO 14001 Standard, what is proven by our Certificate of Compliance with ISO 14001 Standard, which we maintain since the year 2004.

Administrational Support

Having in mind our approach towards quality and devotion to full customer’ service, we  also support our customers in administrational matters.

Being specialized in transferring non-domestic companies to Polish market and taking into account our central European location also membership of European Union, TTESA Poland may provide service related to setting up business, registers  of book - keepings, taxes and statistics. We may also support our customers with labour legislation , creation of internal  procedures and if necessary, suspension and closing of business activity in Poland. This kind of support is offered especially to companies outside of European Union to facilitate their access to entire European market.

Having in mind need of complex support for our customers, we may also provide assistance in signing insurance contract and we can provide support with secure foreign exchange.

We specialize in creating holistic business offer dependent on our customers' individual needs and requirements.